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if you haven’t heard of motopony, go check them out. NOW! they are an amazing group out of seattle who graced los angeles with two free shows yesterday at origami vinyl in echo park and one colorado in pasadena. robin pecknold, of fleet foxes, wrote “music is a kind of replacement for the natural world. that, before civilization or whatever, the world must have seemed a place of such immense wonder and confusion, so terrifying in a way, unthinkably massive and majestic. And that that feeling of mystery and amazement, is somehow hardwired into us. once the world became commonplace, mapped, and conquered, that mystery left our common mind and we needed something to replace it with and then along came music. I think she’s right, music is magic to me, transportative and full of wonder in a way that I have trouble getting from the natural world. All the human things that make the natural world so hard to connect with just aren’t there with music.” while watching motopony I kept thinking about this and how a really great live show can take you somewhere you can’t really explain. all I can say is their energy is contagious and their humble nature makes them that much more lovable. you also can’t beat being able to get up on stage and dance around with them. so, go check them out and enjoy the photos!



spirit hoods :: find your inner animal

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happy to share with you some photos from a shoot a couple weeks ago featuring spirit hoods! This was a really fun shoot to do, I’m pretty sure we were laughing and goofing around most of the time which gave the photos such great energy and just shows how you feel when you put one of these furry hoods on. If you want to purchase a hood go here and if you want to buy a hood that will help save an animal (DO IT!) go here to support Pro Blue. lastly, if you want to join a tribe of fellow spirit hood lovers who want to remind everyone how amazing life is join Yay Life Tribe. enjoy the photos!

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June 23, 2011 at 5:00 am

behind the scenes :: tyler, the creator :: unofficial music video

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images from behind the scenes of tyler, the creator’s unofficial music video.

min & sean

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all images shot for Heather Kincaid. 



LIB: lightning in a bottle

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I got blessed with a press pass for Lightning in a Bottle this past Memorial Day weekend and all I can say is “sensory overload!” For a photographer, it was a visual dream between the costumes, festival acts, the musical performances and lighting. It was great to get lost in the crowd for awhile and take in all the craziness. Here’s what I saw….


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